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Adrian Boctor - Piano and Keyboard, Beginner to Intermediate Vocals, Beginner Ukulele, Songwriting, Music Theory
My interest in music and the piano began at age six, when I asked to borrow my neighbor's old upright piano with a blue popsicle stain on middle C; however, my passion for music, education, and teaching developed during my time at Reed College where I received my BA in Music. Since 2015, I have assumed the roles of bandleader, frontman, conductor, pianist/keyboardist, arranger, and composer for classical chamber ensembles at Reed College, jazz ensembles in Portland, and rock bands up and down the West Coast. I have taught individual students keyboard/piano, voice, and ukulele, as well as small classrooms, rock bands, and ukulele choirs. I also have training and experience teaching special needs children and children with learning differences through managing and coordinating afterschool arts classrooms.
Cameron MacCabe - Guitar, Beginner to Intermediate Bass Guitar, Beginner to Intermediate Drums, Beginner Piano, Songwriting, Music Theory
My journey into the world of music began, as if by happenstance, after I won a guitar at a carnival game in 2007 and instantly fell in love with the instrument. Since then, my passion for the guitar has inspired me to study other instruments, including drums and piano. Fast-forward to my college years: driven by a compulsion to understand not just the how, but the why of music, I ultimately chose to study music theory, culminating in my graduation magna cum laude from Columbia University in 2016 with a BA in Music. Today, I play guitar and write songs for the Bay Area rock band People Who Stare.
Jess Heimann - Vocals, Beginner to Intermediate Piano, Beginner to Intermediate Guitar, Beginner Drums, Songwriting, Music Theory
It all started with humming: humming in the car, the shower, the streets. Anywhere I could. It was only later that I found out I could turn that humming into a career. During my younger years, I took lessons for voice, piano, guitar, and drums. These skills would serve me well when I joined the Peter Pan Foundation (PPF) in 2014. Through the PPF’s artistic mission, I was able to grow my talents both as a musician and a performer as well as gain experience with special needs children. Now, as an up-and-coming college student at Berklee College of Music, I look forward to passing my knowledge on to anyone and everyone willing to learn.
Kolbe Hockel - Drums and Percussion, Beginner Piano, Songwriting
Born and raised in Concord, CA, my drumming career began when I was nine years old with informal lessons from my uncle. This passion was fostered in high school and developed into a mode of living after my second year of studying music at DVC. Along with the Western drum kit, I also have experience in piano, ukulele, vocals, and various Latin and African percussion instruments. My lesson specialties include rhythm, rock/jazz rudiments and movement, sight reading, stylistic control, and rudiment/movement application. My ultimate goal is to inspire the same passion in other prospective musicians that I feel inside myself, to bring the same joy to another person's life that music has brought to me. The best part about teaching is watching a pupil blossom on their own, coming back to show me the progress they have made.